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San Benito County Gas Delivery Near Me

Hollister Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker offers 24 hour gas delivery throughout San Benito County, including Hollister, San Juan Bautista, Tres Pinos, and Ridgemark.

Running out of gas is stressful enough. You don’t want to be walking alongside the road and putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation while getting yourself to the nearest gas station. If you run out of gas in San Benito County, call (831) 630-9320 for quick gas delivery.

Our roadside assistance crews will deliver premium and regular gas as well as diesel. Just let us know what you need and we’ll get it to you in no time. Don’t believe us? Have a look at what our customer Derek said about the service he received from Hollister Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker in January 2023:

“9:30pm, I called Hollister Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker and asked for gas. The man who answered the phone asked a few questions, and knew exactly where I was on the pitch black highway. He was behind my Jeep with 5 gallons of gas in no time. Thinking 15-20 min. I was impressed. His customer service was amazing.”

To learn more about our 24/7 Fuel Delivery Service and to speak to a member of our team, call us at

24/7 Hollister Fuel Delivery Service - Car Out of Gas

Ran out of gas on the West Side Freeway? Getting out of your vehicle can be dangerous, both for you and oncoming motorists. All you need to do is pull over to the shoulder of the road, put on your hazards, and call (831) 630-9320. A member of our in-house dispatch team will respond to your car and get you the fuel you need in no time.

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How Do I Know If My Car Ran Out of Gas?

Loss of Power

If you’re driving and all of a sudden it feels like your vehicle is not responding to you pressing the gas pedal, this can be an indication of lack of fuel in your gas tank. You wouldn’t believe how many times one of our customer’s had a faulty fuel gauge light without knowing before it was too late.

Sputtering Engine Noises

If you’re driving and your engine starts making sputtering sounds, coughing sounds, or intermittent popping sounds, this can be an indication of a depleted gas tank. If your engine is struggling to get adequate fuel, it can misfire and lead to those weird noises that you’re hearing.If you ran out of gas in Hollister, our 24 hour fuel delivery service is only a short phone call away. Call (831) 630-9320 for quick fuel delivery in San Benito County.

Call (831) 630-9320 for 24 Hour Gas Delivery in San Benito County

Hollister Towing & Semi Truck Heavy Wrecker’s roadside assistance crews offer 24/7 fuel delivery throughout the Hollister Metro area including Hollister, San Juan Bautista, Tres Pinos, and Ridgemark.

Our 24 hour roadside assistance services also include:

  • Car battery jumpstart/boost
  • Vehicle lockout service
  • Flat tire repair service
  • Towing (light, medium, and heavy duty)
  • Accident recovery
  • And more!

Call (831) 630-9320 for 24 hour roadside assistance!